Thursday, February 12, 2015

Simple Interest Calculator Using JavaScript

Let us create a simple web app that helps to calculate simple interest.


The code is given below. You can pase it into a text editor (e.g.: gEdit or Notepad), save it with a filename that has the extension .html (e.g.: simpleint.html), open it in a web broswer, and run it.

     <title>Web App for Simple Interest Calculation</title>

            function calculate()
                p = document.getElementById("p").value;
                n = document.getElementById("n").value;
                r = document.getElementById("r").value;
                result = document.getElementById("result");
                result.innerHTML = "The interest is " + (p*n*r/100);

        <h1>Simple Interest Calculation</h1>

        Amount: <input id="p"><br/>
        Rate: <input id="r"><br/>
        No. of Years: <input id="n"><br/>

        <button onclick="calculate()">Calculate</button>

        <p id="result"></p>